Shorinji Kempo Wear & Goods
A kind of DOGI
Gold label, Black label, White label.
Gold label:
Our dogi are intended for persons with experienced eyes incorporating the special uses from materials to silhouettes and up to the embroidery.
Black label:
High quality wear favored fondly by many martial art practitioners at standard price and available in a rich variety of sizes.
White label:
Lower and upper sets made for new enrollees and for juniors.
Low priced set for beginners.
Cool Dogi
The stripe texture which I let cotton make step combined weave, and raised breathability.
size information

The upper part of gold label B is ordered separately.

Location of common embroideries.

The name is embroidered at three places: back of the neck area, at the front and at the specified location on the trousers.
Embroidery is only in black.
Name is embroidered only at the specified places.

One Place / up to three characters...330yen
One Place / at least four characters...500yen
I want the sleeves and hem cut.
Cutting charge for both the sleeves and the hem is 1,111 yen.
For those who wanted the sleeves and hem cut, indicate how many inches to cut on the remarks column of the shopping cart.
I do not know what obi number to select.
Please refer to the table below for the dogi and obi size combination.
Obi Conformity size
size 1 5 years old - 6 years old, 7 years old - 8 years old
size 2 S、M
size 3 L、LL、MB
size 4 3L、4L、5L、LB
size 5 LLB、3LB
size 6 4LB、5LB
Is there a bigger size?
Black label For those who wanted bigger sized obi, Type B is available. All Type B dogi (MB, LB, LLB, 3LB, 4LB, 5LB) are longer than regular sizes by about 2 cm X 2 = 4 cm from the back of the neck to the end of the sleeve.
All Type B trousers (MB, LB, LLB, 3LB, 4LB, 5LB) have waistlines larger than regular sizes by about 10 cm to 15 cm
For type B, the triangle sewing joint is equipped on upper part front alignment like karate uniform.
Within same size (e.g.. 4L, 4LB), the trouser size of regular and B types do not differ.

The fly is arranged as in the figure for black label Type B dogi.
Select the dogi fitted to your body type.
Please refer to the Dogi Dimension Chart or contact us through email or by phone.
Our professional staff will gladly recommend the size appropriate to the customer's body type.
Customized order dogi maybe availed of for 15,540 yen.
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