Shorinji Kempo Wear & Goods

Q1 Order confirmation mail is not received.
A1 Usually we will send you the order confirmation mail within three working days of receiving the order, but it may require more time in the case when congestion and content complex.
Please let us know by e-mail when the order confirmation mail does not arrive even after one week from your order.
Q2 Price of the product are presented in Japanese yen. How the amount determined?
A2 You pay the equivalent currency on the basis of the rules of the credit card company.
The amount is determined by using the prevailing exchange rate at the time you order procedure.
Q3 I want to put a name to a product.
A3 It is possible to put your name to products, such as Dogi, Obi, T-shirt, some towels and memorial goods.
Especially we can embroider your name in Dogi, Obi, and T-shirt. Please enter the necessary information by Option menu when you order the goods.
Q4 I want to order in a way other than the web shop.
A4 You can order from FAX and e-mail. Please download the latest catalogue and order form (PDF files).
Q5 Products I want is displayed as out of stock.
A5 I'm sorry we cnannot meet your expectations.
Please contact us, and we will let you know the next arrival time by e-mail.
Q6 I have completed the payment by credit card, but I would like to cancel the order.
A6 We can not accept order cancellation after shipment.
In addition, we can not accept the order cancellation that including the products you customized (embroidery name, cut hems Etc.).
Please make sure enough before payment.
Q7 I want you to exchange items because the size of the product was not fit for me.
A7 If the goods we send to you were defective, please contact us within eight days from the arrival.
But we can not accept the item changing if the products you customized (embroidery name, cut hems Etc.).
If there is to us the cause of the returns, we will pay for the shipping.
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