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Shopping GUIDE
How to order
You can order from FAX, e-mail and Internet order form.
Please download the order form and send a FAX to 81-877-30-5860.
Please send an email to
Internet order form
Please refer to "How to order".
Delivery of goods
After the payment completed, we will ship the goods by EMS or SAL or Shipping service.
Delivery period depends on the way. It will be from about a week to three months.
Disclaimers about Shipping
Recently at the time of Shipping especially by surface mail, we have experienced some troubles such as that luggage did not reach the customer, and customers paid the unexpected tariff in customs.
We strive to make the shipping procedure from Japan in accordance with your request.
But it is difficult to accurately grasp the rules of the Shipping and customs of other countries.
When trouble has occurred, we cannot always full compensation for shipping again and we cannot pay your tariffs.
So, please examine your own in advance about the tariffs and required documents according to goods purchase from Japan.
Please refer to "POSTAGE".
You can pay using a credit card.
Please use VISA Card or Master Card.
Reply to orders and inquiries
We will reply to orders and inquiries as soon as possible.
Usually within three working days, but it may require more time in the case when congestion and content complex.
About the price
It is in Japanese yen the price of goods in our website but you pay the equivalent currency on the basis of the rules of the credit card company.
We determine the amount by using the prevailing exchange rate at the time you order procedure.
Return of defective products
If the goods we send to you is defective, please contact us within eight days from the arrival.
However, the products you customized (embroidery name, cut hems Etc.) can not be returned.
If there is to us the cause of the returns, we will pay for the shipping.
Attention for safety
Please use and store goods with care. Do not use goods for other proposes than the original.
For foreign Kenshi living in Japan
When shopping in Japan, you should pay consumption taxes. Please use the Japanese website foreign Kenshi living in Japan.
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