Shorinji Kempo Wear & Goods
How to order
[Attention]If you are foreign Kenshi living in Japan, please use the Japanese website.
Please refer to "Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act of Japan" for knowing about OZAKI webshop.
2.Basic operations
When you click the Add cart button, the product is placed in "shopping cart".
Choose the goods you want from the category of the item list.

In addition, you can put your name to products, such as Dogi, Obi, T-shirt, some towels and memorial goods.
Especially we can embroider your name in Dogi, Obi, and T-shirt.
Please enter the necessary information by Option menu when you order the goods.
3.Option menu
When you click "Option", the following screen will be displayed.
If you want the goods without any embroidery, please click Add cart on the left blank.
If you want the goods with embroidery, please enter the required information.
4.Shopping cart
When you click Add cart, you will move to shopping cart display.
If you want to buy more items, please click category-bottun and continue the shopping.
If you want to finish the shopping, please please click "Settlement"and proceed to Order form.
5.Order form
In Order form page, please enter your information.
Please tell us your personal information and delivery method.
6.Check your order
Please confirm your order and your informations.
If that's correct, click "Order decision".
7.Confirmation of the total price including shipping
We will send an email to you within about three working days.
We attach an estimate sheet including shipping cost.
If the estimate would be O.K., please make the payment by secure URL.
Please use the VISA or MASTER CARD.
“Payment must be made by credit card (VISA and MASTER CARD acceptable and we use Yamato Financial's Web Collect service.)
After your order has been placed, an email regarding payment settlement will be sent to you within a few days. The email will contain a link to the Web Collect service. Click the link and enter your credit card information to settle payment by credit card. Please note that payment will not have been completed at the time of order placement.”
After your payment, we will prepare for shipping such as embroidery on Dogi.
When we complete the shipping, we will send an email including the image of shipping invoice.
Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions.
Person in charge ; Kotaro Ozaki
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