You can choose from two types of regular type and wide type with different widths.
It takes 1 to 3 months from your order to shipping, and delivery depends on the method of shipment and destination.

The Design of the Special-Order Rank Obi
The special-order rank obi (wide type) use a design featuring a sewn-in color along one end as well as a special label. They are available in four varieties (colors) which correspond with rank.
Red Yellow Silver Gold
3th-dan or higher 5th-dan or higher 7th-Dan or higher / 6th-dan chair/head or officer 8th-Dan or higher / 7th-dan chair/head or officer
*gchair/headh refers to branch master or coach in each federation or doincho of Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji
*gofficerh refers to a legal officer of one of the member organizations of the Shorinji Kempo Group, an honorary officer, or a member of a UNITY, Honzan, HQ, or WSKO committee member.
How to wear
There is no specific rule or manner to wear Special-order rank obi. But we recommend that the colored line is facing up on the waist because of high visibility. Please refer the figure. When you wear like this, label side will be placed on your right hand side.

About embroidery of obi
Computerized machine embroidery
This method uses a computerized sewing machine and dedicated cursive script software to create lettering.
With computer sewing embroidery, letter sizing and spacing are completed uniformly, but depending on the letter combination, the center of the lettering may seem slightly misaligned with the center line of the belt.
Please be aware of this point prior to ordering.
At present, this method is generally adopted by this company to enter name lettering on uniforms.
Computer sewing embroidery cannot be used sometimes in the following cases.
1.The number of letters is too great.
2.Switch the lettering between large and small letters.
3.Fill the letterings into two lines.
4.The lettering typeface varies.
Price comparison
1.Orange, 2.Red, 3.White, 4.Golden Brown, 5.Gray, 6.Gold, 7.Silver, 9.Purple, 10.Blue, 11.Green, 12.Bordeaux(Dark Red), 8.Black

For regular embroidery, please fill in "About embroidery" on the shopping cart.
Please inquire by mail or by telephone when ordering products embroidered with special characters or when the quantity is large.
Price* Name 1 character
The thing that embroidery is accepted
The thing that embroidery is accepted
Name, ShorinjiKenmpo, Kongouzen Shorinji, Words about ascetic practices of the ShorinjiKenmpo, Others