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Ozaki Co. Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the "Company") exerts all efforts to protect the privacy and personal information of its customers as expressed in the basic policies described in our site (
  1. The company complies with all the requirements of laws and standards related to the protection of personal information.
  2. Personal information are gathered, used and provided to third parties under strict control. and propriety.
  3. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure safety of and to prevent leakage, loss or alteration of personal information .
  4. The company is continuously on the look out for improvements on the internal management system (compliance program) to ensure security of personal information.
For our customer's peace of mind, what follows explain how the company manages personal information in using our site. Please thoroughly understand and read this privacy policy carefully before providing us with your personal information.
Gathering and use of personal information
Personal information provided us through this site or through other means are used exclusively in order to respond to our customer's purchase order, for service provision and guidance to the customer, and for the contact with our customer.
Management and sharing of personal information
The company does not provide, lend or borrow, sell or divert personal information to third parties. We always take the greatest care in the management of personal information. Data gathered at the time of order placement are used only by the company and personalities concerned within affiliated shop exclusively for customer support, service provision, and for delivery purpose.
About cookie
Cookies are information sent by the website to the customer's computer hard disk. Our company uses a system that computes the total number of products to purchase that are placed in the shopping cart. At this point, the product information entered in the shopping cart are stored temporarily in the browser of the customer using cookies.
Disclaimer regarding personal information disclosure
Except for the cases described below, the company does not transfer or provide personal information of the customer to a third party without the consent of our customer.
  1. Cases required by law
  2. When necessary to protect the life or physical body of persons or properties and difficulties are met in obtaining the agreement of the customer
  3. When the cooperation of the company is necessary for national and local authorities to discharge their lawful functions and for which obtaining the agreement of the person concerned hampers the discharge of those functions.
Revisions and compliance
This privacy policy may be changed or revised without notification when deemed necessary by the company. Protection of personal information of the customer shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
Information number for privacy policy
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