Shorinji Kempo Wear & Goods

Number Name Price
732600 Rubber Key ring Riki-Ai-Fu-Ni 750

Number Name Price
732500 Rubber Key ring so-en mark 750

Number Name Price
Not currently sold.

Number Name Price
Not currently sold.

Number Name Price
733100 Can Badge (Doshin So) 398

Number Name Price
733200 Sticker (Doshin So) 185

Soaked in water and wind on your neck!
The water-absorbing polymer will absorb the heat of the skin.
In the heat of vaporization when the moisture evaporates you'll get COOL!
Please use for the practice of hot season.
〇Made in Japan
Number Name Price
754600 Cool-Scarf 648

"The pattern is the silhouette of ""Waza(tricks)"" of Shorinji Kempo.
We have two colors, Black and Gray and each colors have two designs.
Sorry, men's only.

Size:One size(9.8inch-10.6inch)"
Number Name Price
754200 Socks(Black/Gassho) 500
754300 Socks(Black/Kick) 500
754400 Socks(Gray/Gassho) 500
754500 Socks(Gray/Kick) 500

"The pattern is the silhouette of ""Waza(tricks)"" of Shorinji Kempo.
We have four colors, Bordeaux,Navy,Yellow and Pink."
Number Name Price
754000 Tie(Bordeaux) 3611
754100 Tie(Navy) 3611 SOLD OUT
754900 Tie(Yellow) 3611
755000 Tie(Pink) 3611

"New Year, fresh in mind!!
Words of SO-DOSHIN (Initiator) of the founder became the Daily calendar stand.
On the signpost of the mind ticking away a day in the New year.
Calligrapher Book of the whole body by Ms. SUITOU NAKATSUKA.
Words change every day from 1st to 31st.

Size/height 132mm×width135mm ×thickness6mm 16 pieces
Number Name Price
753400 Daily Calendar Stand 769

"This is a book the words of SO-DOSHIN (Initiator) for Kenshi around the world has been recorded.
Including the personality of SO-DOSHIN, The contents of such method of utilizing technology and organizational theory.
Both English and Japanese are indicated.

This is also suitable for a present because it is in the case.

Size / 10.12in × 7.17in
Number of pages / 88pages"
Number Name Price
753600 The words of So Doshin 2380

Plastic 100%
5.8in * 0.63in * 0.43in
Number Name Price
753200 automatic pencil 222

Plastic 100%
5.90in * 0.63in * 0.43in
Number Name Price
753300 Ball-point pen 213

"When housing the pen, available as stylus.
When you knock on the pen top, can be used as a ball-point pen.

5.5in * 0.55in * 0.47in "
Number Name Price
753800 Ball-point pen with Stylus  500

Number Name Price
752900 Mouse pad(White) 426

Provided with a suction disc. Blends well with the car interior.

6.29in * 9.25in
Number Name Price
712000 Miniature DOGI 1435

Diameter of 1.22in
Number Name Price
733000 Badge 241

It receives your obi neatly.
Number Name Price
626500 Obi bag(Obi size 2-5) 481
626600 Obi bag(Obi More than 6 size) 481

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